Aprio ARM offers holistic, end-to-end communications and reputational support across the continent.

Aprio ARM’s relationships, experience and in-house technical and advisory expertise will support the fulfilment of your communications objectives, seamlessly and effectively.

Aprio ARM offers the following, bespoke services:


We work with you to identify the right media partners and develop media partnerships to help drive your corporate narrative, grow your corporate brand and put in place effective strategies to proactively manage your overall corporate brand reputation. We have capabilities to track your company’s brand health on an on-going basis using tested monitoring and measurement tools across both traditional and online media platforms.


Understanding the depth and breadth of potential risks ahead of time, being prepared to respond and acting quickly to rebuild confidence after a crisis are crucial to a successful response and continued faith in an organisation’s leadership. From well before the storm breaks until calm is restored, working with Aprio’s expanded portfolio of services, we develop and execute holistic crisis response strategies that ensure alignment with legal and core business requirements. Whatever your sector – from mining, telecommunication, manufacturing, energy, health, technology, engineering through to financial services – we can help you safeguard your reputation in a challenging socio-economic environment where there is no thing as a low-risk industry.


Through Aprio Credence’s specialist services, we provide candid, pragmatic counsel to brands and senior executives, offering unvarnished advice and strategic insight on a wide range of crises and special situations in order to preserve reputation and protect shareholder value. Our advice is always strategic, whether the brief is to research and prepare, or to guide you through a period of intense stakeholder interest. We find the right words to help CEOs, directors and other corporate leaders to tell their stories and showcase their plans, ideas, vision and deliver strong advice and powerful solutions in the most challenging of situations.


Aprio Digital’s team of internal writers and designers is experienced at creating content that aligns to your overall objectives and intentions. This content is delivered via the most appropriate and effective digital platforms to enable you to effectively deliver your reputational objectives. We guide companies towards effective online and digital reputation management to ensure alignment with the changing digital business and communications landscape. We monitor the effects of our initiatives using the latest analytics and actively guide your online narrative.


We have deep a deep and wide network of relationships across media, clients and other stakeholders across all regions in Africa which allows us the ability to gather and provide relevant insights in the external socio-economic environment of African markets. We use a range of communication platforms from Aprio’s established networks to keep markets and stakeholders informed, including digital magazines and newsletters, websites, social media, investor conferences, roadshows, investor days and strategically placed opinion pieces.


We have experience in working with corporates keep their employee communities engaged in times of change or uncertainty. Employees are a company’s primary brand ambassadors and we offer solutions to harness that through activations and campaigns that get employees involved and engaged around a business’ strategy, vision, mission or purpose. We work with corporates to get employees to drum up their brands, products or services to drive sales and service excellence.